Top ten books 2011

Another ‘Top Ten’, this time of the most thought-provoking pieces of writing I’ve come across in 2011, listed in alphabetical order. Inclusion here doesn’t necessarily indicate my agreement with the authors concerned – who I’m sure would generate a lot of friction among themselves if you let them slug things out in an enclosed space! They have however all given me a good deal to chew on over the last year.

  • Jeremy Begbie Resounding Truth
  • Jason Clark, Kevin Corcoran, Scot McKnight, Peter Rollins  Church in the Present Tense
  • Harvey Cox The Future of Faith
  • Ian Morgan Cron Chasing Francis
  • Elizabeth A. Johnson Quest for the Living God
  • René Girard and Gianni Vattimo Christianisme et Modernité
  • Stanley Hauerwas Hannah’s Child
  • Jean Staune Notre existence a-t-elle un sens
  • Peter Rollins Insurrection
  • Holmes Rolston III Three Big Bangs: Energy-Matter, Life, Mind